About Us

Hey ya'll, welcome to Rinky Dink Chic Boutique! My name is DD and I'm the creator and store owner of Rinky Dink Chic. I have always been big on fashion and believe everyone can look and feel their best with the right styling of clothing and accessories at an affordable cost. 

A little about me: I'm from a small historic town in South Georgia called Lakeland, Ga; also known as the town of murals. My most favorite things to do is to travel and spend time with my family. I have four beautiful kids and a very supportive and loving husband. I opened my first boutique in Lakeland, Ga and closed due to Covid. After a year, I was dying to open my boutique again so I did. I opened it and done ok in Lakeland and was provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to a mall location. I am now in the Valdosta, Mall and have grown tremendously since moving. I give all glory to God and my family for supporting me.

Rinky Dink Chic has everything from women's professional attire to teen upscale apparel. We sell shoes, handbags, jewelry and hats. We also carry men's and youth apparel and caps. The best part about my store is my 100% natural soy hand poured candles that fill my store with sweet aromas. That's right, I even make my own candles!! These candles are hand poured by my daughters and myself and made with so much love. 

That being said, your purchase means the world to me, no matter how big or small! It is my dream with Rinky Dink Chic to help women look and feel beautiful with our products, without breaking the bank. 

Please don't hesitate to reach our any questions.



DD Byington-Owner